For the Outdoors


Architectural Hardscapes

Curb appeal introduces you to a new place, a new sensation, a new wonder. Hardscaping and landscaping surround a building or facility and is the physical link between the new and the existing grounds.

It drops subtle hints of what’s to come as it guides you to the front door. It is your first connection with the new project, the first time you get a sense of a new place. It is the bridge between the new and its existing environment. It is the line of demarcation, announcing a stunning new facility for all to see and use. The beauty and precision of well-developed hardscape and landscape elements begin to tell the story of the building or facility it surrounds.

Hardscaping and landscaping extend portions of interior space out into the sun and sky to meld nature with the built environs. Hardscaping and landscaping requires the aesthetics of the new building or facility be not only considered, but thoughtfully implemented as a part of the whole.

While most landscaping seems to be done on a whim, without much thought to transition, volume, and appeal, CDÇArchitecture develops hardscape and landscape space which not only compliment the new building or facility, but seamlessly tie together indoor space, outdoor space, and the immediate surroundings.

CDCArchitecture’s access to local contractors and material suppliers help to create new outdoor areas that are unique, functional, and beautiful. We have an understanding of local conditions, influences and methods which translate into time-honored and respected design. Our work with residential and commercial clients gives us a diversity of design which only enhances your overall residential or commercial project. Patios and pergolas, fences and gates, decks and structures, fountain and water environments – design elements used by CDÇArchitecture to showcase all outdoor spaces.


…we take off where your imagination leaves off…

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