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Without a doubt, your home is the biggest investment you can possibly make. It is your sanctuary from the busy world, and it is your most intimate and most visible part of yourself. There are many many decisions to be made in considering building a new home from scratch, or renovating or adding onto your present home. Every choice made, will have a lasting effect. It will display your personality and your character aside from a personal conversation.

New Home Construction is just that – brand-new construction on a bare site. Everything is new, and the client has the most options available to him with which to create his new home.

Additions and Renovations are the most surgically specialized type of work architects perform. Taking an existing building, adding new portions, and transforming it into a coherent whole takes special skill, knowledge, and the understanding of the complexities of remodeling existing conditions into new space. This may also involve modifying the exterior façade of existing structures, bringing them more in keeping with the modified use of the spaces within.

CDCArchitecture specializes in the design of custom homes for discerning clients. Attention to detail is paramount, and the conveyance of those details to the owner and the contractor are essential to a successful home project. Our relationships with contractors, subcontractors, and material supplier’s help bring your vision closer to reality. Working in conjunction with these folks, CDÇArchitecture has developed plans which are both concise and detailed – which leaves less room for misunderstandings, delays, and additional/unexpected costs. Pleasant surprises are good. Unpleasant surprises are bad. CDCArchitecture helps to create an even workflow between all parties, which results in shorter construction times, and controlled costs. Change Orders are minimized, insuring a streamlined, satisfactory result.

With either New Construction or Additions and Renovation work, CDCArchitecture will act as your double – working with the contractor and other third-party consultants on your behalf, making sure that your project is built correctly, accurately, as scheduled, and on budget.


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