For Contractors


A General Contractor has one of the hardest jobs in the construction industry. With plans in hand, the contractor has to actually build the project. Good architects understand this, and work with the contractor to assure that all is built as planned, to satisfy the client. We are all professionals.

CDCArchitecture enjoys the good architect/contractor relationship, as we become partners in a journey to create something never seen before. It is a daunting task, but through trust, mutual respect, and a complete understanding of what is required, a good architect/contractor relationship can make or break a project. It is essential that this relationship remain strong throughout the construction process.

Plans and documents supplies by CDCArchitecture will be thorough, detailed, and complete. Ideally, the client and I would like to bring you onboard very early in the process, to pick your brain, and to help us find those places and construction methods which make the design successful. With a contractor’s help, a good set of plans and specs minimizes change orders, and allows you to complete the project on time and within budget.

CDCArchitecture looks forward to the opportunity to work with you, to become a trusted ally, and to develop a great working relationship where we can all triumph. Residential work or commercial work, CDCArchitecture is there with you, creating success.


…we take off where your imagination leaves off…

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