Design Philosophy

i m a g i n e ▪ c o n v e y ▪ b u i l d


That wonderful feeling…
That slowly melting feeling of contentment and understanding enter people who interact with a successfully
designed space. The full intent of its function is easily and completely understood as people flow through it.
The resulting beauty of the space creates an enduring memory of serenity, relaxation and clarity.

All as it should be. All as intended.


  •  A person has a desire for something that he needs. Necessity is the root of all good design. No need,no design. Form follows Function. Desire creates Vision. Vision becomes Reality. Reality reveals Truth. Truth brings Peace.
  •  A person imagines what he or she needs, and has a stock vision in their heads of the solution.
  • The transference from client imagination to brick, stone, glass, plastic, wood, concrete, etc., becomes the responsibility of the architect to turn into an actuality. A full understanding of the client’s project needs and requirements are paramount to a fruitful, prosperous, and successful project.
  •  A time comes when the client’s imagination reaches an end-point. It’s from that end-point that he cannot further envision that which he wishes to attain. An architect continues from that end-point.


  •  The architect works with and runs with the client’s imagined solution, the client’s input and information, and redirects it into achievable possibilities and realities.
  •  With current technologies, an architect explains and conveys solutions to the client. The client then fully understands how his imagined project can become real. Big smiles travel all around.
  • Both client and architect are now working on the same page. Both are now working towards a common aspiration. Both are now contributing to the fulfillment of an imagined project.
  •  Together, both are moving towards a new reality.


  •  Once understandings are conveyed to the client, the architect enlists professional contractors and engineers to turn pencil and ink on paper into real, physical, 3-dimensional spaces, areas, and destinations on the ground.
  • An architect ensures that the project is built according to the design, ensures that all working on the project understand their duties and responsibilities, and ensures that all strive together towards the common goal.
  • The results are beautiful, functional, uplifting spaces, with happy human beings all around.

All as intended. All as it should be.

The peace of walking barefoot in the grass.
The joy of a spring breeze on your face.
The sounds of nature lulling you to join them in harmony.
You turn, and there it is, your completed vision.
All as was imagined. All as was achieved.


…we take off where your imagination leaves off…

CDÇArchitecture is a Covington, Louisiana rooted architecture firm specializing in stylized/custom work for discerning commercial and residential clients. We serve all of southeast Louisiana, with a focus on St Tammany Parish, and all of the surrounding areas along the rim of Lake Ponchartrain, including the Greater New Orleans area.